What’s next

I am now a year out of surgery for my cancer treatment. And have had a year’s worth of clean test results! So the cancer seems to be gone. And not coming back.

What a roller coaster of emotions it’s been!

Between physical therapy, seeing a nutritionist, and starting to do more workouts at the gym and at home, I finally feel like my life is getting back to feeling “normal” to me again. I swear the true comfort of  routine is highly underrated.

Plus, working keeps me going. Regular meetings with the PNSQC committees, reviewing the content of Affect Conf, speaking about accessibility at other conferences, and consulting on regional events is definitely fulfilling.

I mean, sure, I still get anxious a few days before each follow-up test. And every time I feel tired or sore, I start to worry a little. I’m still getting quarterly blood tests. And CT scans every 6 months. For up to another 2 years. (Usually, it’s only 2 years total, but I was young when I got diagnosed, so my oncologist wants to monitor me longer.)

But my coworkers, friends, and family have been an amazing support system and I couldn’t have asked for more.