Venue Scouting

I am a recovering perfectionist. The desire to get everything *just so* — and not resting until it’s done — has thankfully worked well in the past for copy writing and editing, but is totally the wrong approach for conferences and other events. With hundreds or thousands of people attending, plus volunteers and other staff, the best thing to do is prepare for the worst case scenario, but hope for the best.

This of course depends heavily on your team, but almost as important is the venue. Making sure the location provides many amenities as you think yo need, with options for multiple configurations is so very necessary! It’s tough to find *everything* you need in one space, but being picky has definitely paid off.

The thing with venues is that something with lots of glass and windows and views could feel modern and hip to one person, but cold and sterile to someone else. I want to talk more about the flow of a space and analyzing the layout to be sure there aren’t inconvenient bottlenecks or the bathrooms are hidden away, or there aren’t important parts of a location — like where a speaker would be or how to get to lunch — that wouldn’t be accessible to everyone.


There are some great articles that delve into accessibility more.

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